In Spain organized into Autonomous Communities, Andalusia celebrates, on the last day of February, the anniversary of its own Constitution. It’s the occasion of great celebrations in the 8 provinces of Andalusia. The Andalusian Alhambra Association, recognized by the Andalusian Autonomous Government as “Andalusian Community located beyond borders” joins this celebration and invites the public each year in March to participate in the numerous events and shows that it organizes, in collaboration with the “La Fenêtre” Social Center.

The Andalusian Festival was created in 2002 at the Maison Pour Tous “Le Château” in Saint Chamand (Avignon-France). Originally taking place over three days, it extended over 11 days in 2018 and covered several municipalities in the Vaucluse department : Avignon, Morières, Le Thor and Orange. The Andalusian Festival gained momentum for the 18th edition in March 2019 and took place in 6 municipalities in the Vaucluse

The Andalusian Festival includes various activities and events:

  • flamenco song, music and dance shows,
  • arab-Andalusian music show
  • shows for children for all ages or in school sessions,
  • film screening,
  • painting exhibition,
  • conference,
  • presentation of adult flamenco song, dance and guitar workshops,
  • flamenco and Sevillane dance workshops,
  • culinary tasting…




Festival Andalou - 23ème édition
Festival Andalou - 22ème édition
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The Andalusian Festival 2019 in figures, it was:

13 days of events during the Festival and 7 days of workshops upstream
6 cities of Vaucluse (Avignon, Morières-les-Avignon, Vedène, Le Thor, Pertuis and Orange)
In Avignon city center and 2 invested extra-mural districts : Saint Chamand and La Barbière
2 partner social centers: La Fenêtre in Saint Chamand and Espace Pluriel-La Rocade

8 performances of 6 shows including 1 intergenerational show
exhibition of paintings, 1 conference
11 training courses and workshops for amateur practice :
for children and 6 for adults
for a total of about 41 participants (25 children and 16 adults),
1 film projection,
culinary tasting workshop,
artists, 3 technicians,
singing, guitar, dance and music teachers
lecturer and 1 painter,
members, 12 volunteers, 1 permanent employee,
15 partner associations and places including 1 committed

1 partner radio : France Bleu Vaucluse,
radio broadcasts including 12 interviews on : France Bleu Vaucluse, Chérie FM, RCF Vaucluse, Raje, Radio Vinci Autoroutes, Soleil FM, Hits Radio
30 press articles published in :
La Provence, Vaucluse Matin, Vaucluse Hebdo, Mag’Ville, Midi Libre, L’Echo du Mardi…

60 announcements and presentations on the internet, specialized Flamenco sites, leisure, agenda, tourism
1210 subscribers to the Andalusian Festival page on Facebook
25,000 programs and 1,500 posters distributed throughout Vaucluse, northern Bouches-du-Rhône and Gard
including 100 posters on TCRA network buses (13 municipalities) reaching a potential of 40,000 passengers for 2 weeks
47 posters 1m20 x 1m75 and 32 posters 3m15 x 2m30 for 15 days in Avignon on the network of the Avignon City
1 200 distribution points (tourist offices, cultural places, partners, town halls, shops, merchants …)
4,000 emails
3,300 sending of emailing (total file of 4,000 spectators, 2,000 arts programmers and 150 institutional partners)
70% of the regional public and 30% from neighboring regions

Nearly 3,000 spectators, many children, adolescents and families were present at the 18th edition !

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Festival Andalou
Festival Andalou
Festival Andalou
Festival Andalou
Festival Andalou
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